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Dissassembly of an IBM Thinkpad T30

Note: After I wrote this article I discovered that
      there is a complete manual for the disassembly 
      of the notebook in the internet. No clue how I 
      managed not to find it on the first try.. :)

However, use the link provided below to download the manual.

Download Hardware Maintenance Manual

>>IBM ThinkPad T30 - Hardware Maintenance Manual (February 2003)

Note: In the pictures, the areas I'm talking about
      have been marked red, screws green.


Please note: I am not responsible for any damage to you notebook. If you're going to disassemble your notebook, you have to do that on your own risk!

Removal of the keyboard

Step one: remove all "easy-to-remove" stuff at the bottom.
Laptop - Ansicht unten.jpg
First, remove all covers from the bottom of the notebook, as well as the drives and the battery.

Remove the keyboard screws.
Laptop - Tastaturschrauben.jpg
Then, remove the two keyboard screws (also at the bottom).

Remove the cover around the power and volume buttons.
Laptop - Blende einsetzen.jpg
Remove the cover around the power and volume buttons. To do this, try to lift it first on the side next to the screen. You'll need a bit of force to do that.

Remove the keyboard.
Laptop - Tastatur einsetzen.jpg
Now you can lift the keyboard at the front. After that, pull it a bit towards you. It should come loose easily. Don't forget to unplug the keyboard cable!

Futher disassembly

Remove the screws under the keyboard.
Laptop - Ohne Tastatur.jpg
First, remove the screws on top of the notebook. They have beed hidden under the keyboard.

Remove all the screws at the bottom.
Laptop - Ansicht unten ohne Deckel.jpg
Second, remove all the screws you can find on the bottom of the notebook. The screws are marked in the picture.

Covered screws at the front of the notebook.
Laptop - Frontschrauben.jpg
Now you have to remove the hidden screws at the front. You need a little pin or similar to remove the small plastic cover from the screwhole. You can see in the picture how it should look like. There are three screws at the front.

Covered screws at the back of the notebook.
Laptop - Rueckschrauben.jpg
Do the same at the back of the notebook. Here are only two covers, but four screws.

Now you can remove the route frame by unclipping it in the front. Carefully pull the frame towards you, in order to get it out of the back-frame. After you have done this, you can access all components directly.
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